Benefits of Solar Power

  • Cost of Energy is Increasing

    Global demand for energy is increasing and fossil fuel supplies continue to shrink, making the cost of energy increase worldwide. Average retail price of electricity has risen almost 7% per year for the last 6 years according to the Department of Energy.
  • Excellent Investment

    The payback period for solar projects is 5-10 years with after-tax returns of 15%-25% and IRR's in the 10%-15% range.
  • Savings Every Month

    Installing a solar power system saves money immediately on your electric bill.
  • Increased Property Values

    Installing a solar power system will make your home or business more valuable.
  • Net Metering

    Many states allow net metering, meaning that any excess power that the PV system generates will be diverted out to the community power grid causing the electric meter to spin backwards and produce a credit towards the electrical utility bill.
  • Protect the Environment

    Solar power is clean, renewable and sustainable energy that doesn't emit CO2 gases that contribute to pollution and global warming.
  • Reliable Power

    Solar modules generate power for decades and the energy from the sun is free.
  • Low Maintenance

    Solar power systems have no moving parts and are virtually maintenance free.
  • Long System Life

    Most Solar panels are warranted for 25 years but will typically last much longer. Solar panels installed back in the 1970's are still producing power.
  • Federal Incentives

    Federal incentives for solar power systems include: (1) either a Federal grant of 30% of the cost of the solar system payable approximately 6 weeks after completion (expires in 2010) or a 30% Federal investment tax credit. (2) Commercial solar systems qualify for accelerated depreciation treatment that allows for full depreciation over a five year period with 50% of the depreciation taken in the first year.
  • State Incentives

    State incentives vary widely across the U.S. and are subject to change. The most common form of incentive is a rebate that is paid to offset the cost of the system. Refer to for a listing of State incentives or contact us for further information.
  • Local Utility Incentives

    Many local utilities offer different types of incentives for solar power. Check your local utility's website for details.

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